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OEX Group

Cursor is a member of the OEX Group


OEX Group have been formed as a result of merger of the ArchiDoc Capital Group (ArchiDoc and Call One) with companies from the NEO Investments Fund (Cursor, Galposter and Voice Contact Center). In March 2013 to the OEX structures joined Divante, the lider in e-commerce services.

OEX Group comprehensively supports business processes of its clients. It specializes in the area of ​​sales and marketing support and back-office service, providing solutions in the field of:

  • e-business

- e-commerce
- e-mailing
- e-marketing
- mobile applications

  • non-core logistics

- e-commerce logistics
- loyality program logistics
- marketing materials logistics

  • corporate identity

- corporate identity
- outdoor communication

  • procurement

- marketing products procurement
- sea & air optimization

  • sales support

- merchandising & sales force
- sales promotions
- active sales
- marketing services
- consumer database management

  • back office & document management

- paper archiving
- mailing room
- back-office
- scanning/e-archiving
- personnel & payroll management

  • contact center

- in-bound/ hotline
- out-bound/ telesales




Our mission is to create innovative products and services, until now inaccessible in the Polish market, and to implement them while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Prices = optimal costs + scale effect

Thanks to the integrated cost management system we offer services tailored to the business needs of our clients. We are looking for solutions which combine client’s benefits with the economic calculus, which guarantees efficient functioning over a long time horizon.

In the OEX Group, we take advantage of the scale effect. Common Competence Centres support business departments. Their operational costs are distributed among the operation areas and tens of projects handled by the Group. Therefore, we are able to offer an attractive price level.

Flexibility = focus on client + scale of activities

OEX join the capacity of a big company with flexibility and customer orientation, characteristic of smaller organizations. We carry out both long-term contracts and one-off projects. We work in our own operational centers, at customers’ sites or in any other place where our customers do business. Our team is ready for new challenges every day.